Let your dreams defy gravity

Have you ever dreamed of flying?

You can easily satisfy your deep rooted desire, securely and serenely by booking your paragliding flight.

Flying in paragliding tandem is a marvelous, unique experience, not to be missed in this lifetime.

Like a stroll through the clouds, this fantastic sensation will remain imprinted in your collection of life adventures.

The sensation of being able to free yourself in the air, as if a bird in flight, enjoying the spectacular views that the Central Italian Region has to offer is priceless.  Book now! to take advantage of flying together with expert and qualified pilots that have shared this passion for flight for many years.



"It was a fantastic experience, a wonderful feeling to immerse yourself in the air and feel free as a bird. The Cloud Hunters staff is phenomenal "



"If they had not given me this present for my birthday, I would have never thought of trying this experience. Flying in paragliding was simply fantastic especially when you meet professionals like the guys from Cloud Hunters "

Tandem Paragliding "Adventure"

Flight Time 30'- 40' + Photo and Video


Tandem Paragliding "Cross Country"

Flight Time 70'- 90' + Photo and Video.


Tandem Paragliding "Panoramic"

Flight time 15'- 20' + Photo and Video


Tandem Paragliding "Hike and Fly"

Flight time 20'- 30' + Photo and Video + mountain guide (2 hours of trekking)


Let your dreams defy gravity

Any occasion is a good one for giving the gift of a tandem flight

Where we fly

Take off point: Norma (Lt)

The take off point in Norma is located in the heart of the Archaeological Park of Ancient Norba, just 80 km from the center of Rome and 50 km from Circeo National Park, by the sea. Situated along the Mount Lepini Mountain Range, surrounded by Medieval towns, flying over Norma offers one a flight back in time. Norma is best during winter months for it’s excellent weather conditions, conducive to flying. Midday flying conditions in summer can be quite windy, for which it’s best to fly early in the morning, or late in the afternoon.

Take off point: Poggio Bustone, Rieti

Definitely our prefered summer take off point, Poggio Bustone is located on the Rieti Plain, just 90 km from the Center of Rome and 10 Km from the town of Rieti. Located on the Southwest side of the Central Alps, it is the wild heart of Italy. The excellent flying conditions allow for taking off almost every day, and the magical Reatina plane offers the possibility to immerse oneself in nature; hiking on Mount Terminillo, kayaking through the beautiful Lake Piediluco and of course tandem paragliding.


Altitude: 430 metri
Location Coordinates : 41.588471, 12.966002

How to get there:

Departure from Rome
Train:from Cisterna di Latina we have a transfer service available by payment.

Contact us for more details.)


Altitude: 1260 meters
Location Coordinates: 42.485203, 12.855436

How to get there:

Departure from Rome
Train from Terni Station we have a transfer service available by payment. Contact us for more details.)

What's included

Transportation provided from the meeting point to the take off

Photo and video of your flight will be provided as a courtesy on a micro sd 8 GB card

All of the equipment necessary for your flight will be provided including: Helmet (obligatory), approved harness with protection and insurance.

Membership fee 


Any kind of shoe with good traction such as hiking shoes



Sun glasses

Light gloves (optional)


Professional Pilots AECI


We never stop: we fly all year


The best and safest equipment


Simultaneous group flights

Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese

Who can fly ?

There are no age limits, anyone with the desire is able to fly in tandem, without having frequented a course. Minors will require authorization from a parent or guardian. Participants must be in good physical health, with the ability to run a short distance when taking off and plant their feet upon landing.

Weight limits:

Minimum weight 40 Kg

Maximum weight 100 Kg

Flying is not recommended for women who are pregnant, those with heart problems, epilessia, or joint trauma. For more information or for those outside of the weight limits do not hesitate to contact us.


Paragliding today is highly technological, regulated, continually being revised, enjoyable and safe and as any flying mechanism is equipped with an emergency parachute. The ability of taking flight is strictly adherent to the weather conditions, which are evaluated, in real time by our specialized pilots, who will execute a flight, only if the conditions are suitable for this unforgettable experience. All of our pilots possess the necessary certification required by law: Aero Club Italy membership, tandem license accident insurance for both pilot and passenger, and are furnished with only the most up to date equipment.

What is paragliding ?

A paraglider is essentially a wing, with the ability to to rise, descend and move through the air as does a bird. The slow in-flight movement allows one to take in the outstanding view, comfortably and securely seated in a suspension harness. Taking off is simple, just a few light steps and you find yourself suspended in air. Of course all of the necessary information regarding your flight will be explained by our pilots thoroughly in a preflight briefing.


Buy or give a flight

CloudHunters - Who we are

Founded by Paulo Siqueira and Andrea Kappa, Cloudhunters conducts trips, workshops, tandem flights, cross country flights (both solo and tandem) for associates of Cloud Hunters Club Asd

The Clouhunters team is comprised of professional experts of whose common denominator is enjoyment and passion for free flying.

We are those who choose the sky as our office and the harness as our desk chair. For many years we have explored the world, following our various passions in life, some of us as tandem pilots, others as alpine guides, photojournalists and professional athletes. We have navigated, climbed, flown in the most spectacular places on earth, all with a unifying passion for free flight. We have formed this group in order to create a community and in an effort to promote and expand this sport that we are all so passionate about.

Cloud Hunters Club Asd- Via Federico Torre, 7. 00152  Roma-Italia

Cloudhunters is a service provided by Cloud Hunters Club Asd

All Cloud Hunters services are reserved exclusively for members of Cloud Hunters Club Asd.


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